About Us


I live together with my husband in Ewijk, near Nijmegen (NL).

Dogs have been a part of my life since I was a kid.

For years I gave dogtraining and was teaching the dogowners ;-)

In 2003 I had fewer dogs of my own and that was the time I searched for a dog

with a nice an spontanious character.

I bought a Welsh Corgi Pembroke.

With this dog a bred a few litters an own still a few of the puppies.
Next I wanted a Welsh Corgi Cardigan because of their character.
So I met Phil Bitter and her kennel Floatin'.
Phil has bred Cardigans for years and she surprised me with a Cardigan from France.
That is how Joss came to live with us.
At the first day hij was dancing on our coffeetable and it was like
he was saying: look at me, ain't I Cute ?

The next moment I was in love with these Cardigans.

How can someone not love this breed.

It is a breed who is funny and lovely, but in the same time alert and willing te learn.
Realy.....dogs you can work with !
So the friendship with Phil grew out to be very close and I'm gratefull for that.
My number of Cardigans grew bigger too and that was the moment when Phil and I got
 together to breed under the same name: Floatin'
In 2014 Phil can't breed litters anymore because of her illness and that's why
she handed over the kennelname Floatin' to  me.

     With proudness I will take good care of this kennel and I'm very thankful to Phil for trusting

me to proceed her Cardigan breeding.